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There are now more options for a mini split system than ever before. When these HVAC units first arrived on the market, some skeptics immediately surmised they would be a passing fad. Thankfully, they were wrong. More and more home and business owners are realizing the benefits of using a ductless heating and cooling system which is why the market has recently been booming. Those who are still on the fence should read through this information so they can get a good idea of why they need to choose one of these heating and air conditioning units.

What are the Advantages of a Ductless Heating and Cooling System?

There are more options when it comes to a ductless mini split system. These systems can be mounted in different zones so there is more control over temperature. Each zone of a home can have its own preset temperature. Some homeowners prefer it cooler in the kitchen, where heat can sometimes be a problem during cooking and warmer in the bathrooms, especially in the winter months when getting out of the shower and facing cold can be uncomfortable. These systems put homeowners in control of their comfort instead of them being forced to use one system to force air through the entire home, at the same temperature.

While there are many reasons homeowners choose ductless heat and air, there is one that is tops. Everyone wants to be able to save money as much as they possibly can. These units are much smaller and more energy efficient than traditional HVAC units. Because the homeowner is in charge of what rooms they want to heat or cool, they can shut off systems when they are not needed. With energy costs skyrocketing, these systems can provide a welcome relief.

Traditional heating and air conditioning units can actually make the indoor air quality of a home more polluted than outdoor air. This has been proven by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Traditional units must be carefully cleaned on a regular basis to remove any dirt, debris, and allergens that can lower the air quality. Ductless systems clean the air in several stages so it is much safer and enjoyable to breathe.

When a homeowner has a new heating and air system put in, a lot of work must go into installation. Ductless systems are easy to install and can be ready to operate within one day. There are no big holes to make for ducts so the system requires less damage to walls and none to flooring. These units are so small and placed on the wall so they do not take up valuable space in a home or apartment.

With a much greater level of energy efficiency, these ductless heating and cooling units allow homeowners to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint so the environment can be protected. These systems use a special coolant called R410A. This coolant does not deplete the ozone like some other coolants can so operating these systems is not harmful to the environment.

What Should Homeowners Look For in a System?

When homeowners are attempting to shop for a ductless system, there are a few things they need to keep in mind. They need to make sure they choose a setup that will properly cool their home. Those looking to cool or heat one zone can choose a single zone system while a multiple zone split system would be needed to treat more than one zone. These systems can cool or heat up to four zones, with one unit per zone.

Paying attention to the BTUs a system offers is crucial for ensuring the unit will be able to properly cool the space. Generally speaking, the larger the area to be cooled, the more BTUs needed. It is important the total amount of BTUs of the units does not go over the maximum limit of the outdoor condensers. It is best for homeowners to work with professional to ensure they are able to have enough BTUs to handle their home's needs.

Which Is the Best Ductless System Available?

Those who are looking for a ductless system to heat and cool their home will find all they are looking for and more when they purchase the One Cool Fireplace from Aqua Zone Comfort. It is one of the best residential heating and cooling systems on the market. It provides the mini split unit inside of a fireplace mantel which provides ambience to heat or cool a room and make it comfortable all year long. Not only does it offer a comfortable environment, it also adds a wonderful design element with what looks like a fireplace while heating and a cool spring while cooling.

These units can also offer sounds for a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere any time of the year. Homeowners are amazed when they see these beautiful ductless systems that make their home more beautiful and comfortable than they ever imagined. Homeowners should check out all the models Aqua Zone Comfort offers so they can make a sound decision for their home's heating and cooling needs.