Heating & Cooling With Ambiance

Am-bi-ence noun: ambiance

1. the character and atmosphere of a place.

atmosphere, air, aura, climate, mood, feel, feeling, character, quality, impression, complexion, flavor, look, tone, tenor;

2. For 6,000 years, human beings have built and enjoyed fires while seeing, hearing and feeling the heat. No one really knows when that first humans began to realize they could keep the fire in my their tee-pee, mud hut or cave, rather than out in the open and still keep that smoke out of their eyes. At some point they realized that with a chimney, smoke can be directed outside or through the top of their tee-pee or mud hut.

3. Now mankind can feel the fire, see the fire, and enjoy it for more than just the warmth. It produces an ambiance as well as heat. So as time progressed, we figured out how to house the fire with beautiful surroundings, mantles and even entertainment centers. Then we sped forward and figured out how to make faux fireplaces with electric resistant heat as part of the ambiance. Heat alone just makes us comfortable. All along the way we wanted to see, feel, and hear heat at the same time, without smoke, to get the most value out of the experience. We even want to smell the various types of wood.

4. We were smart to want to see, feel and hear heat rather than hide it in a basement and never enjoy the ambiance. Then someone invented a way to make ice. Willis Haviland Carrier invented air conditioning. For some odd reason; however, we just decided to feel cool on a hot day rather than seeing it also. We were content in feeling it coming out of a register and never seeing it. When we see rain coming, we know that it is going to get cooler (especially on a hot day) and we will inhale and smell it. It is just a part of human nature. How is it possible that not a single human ever thought that we need to design something with cool air that gives ambiance when it comes to air conditioning? When our air conditioning is on, we look outside on a hot humid day and our senses are jarred. We see heat but feel cool. We decided that it was time we put cool in its box and enjoy the scenes of refreshing water, blue lakes, waterfalls, bubbling springs, dew, white snow, and anything else our eyes tell us is cool to go along with what we feel. It's called Heating and Cooling With Ambiance.

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